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I’ve worked with various leadership development and consulting companies over the years and Gumball was the one who was able to connect with our leaders and adapt to our culture.”
— Jon David, COO, Glympse

"The Gumball team has been an excellent partner for PopCap as we’ve navigated organizational changes and leadership succession.  They have helped us hone in on and improve critical areas in talent development both at our leadership level and deeper in our organization.  Gumball continues to be a helpful sounding board in our ongoing operations and is always a pleasure to work with."

Steve Mauri - COO
PopCap Games/Electronic Arts

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"I personally have attended dozens of leadership trainings over the last 10 years and while they were really good, this one stood out and I believe it has more to do with the instructors vs. content.  Your style and connection with the audience was demonstrated by your ability to keep the entire leadership team engaged, participating and having fun."

Jennifer Heard - Vice President


"Having a third-party independent facilitator was a new approach for us and Gumball was able to quickly identify themes and design a program that allowed us to make the most of our valuable time away from the office. Over the two days we were able to fast-track the development of a deep level of trust and alignment between the team and towards our strategic plan."

Josh Reich - CEO
Simple Bank

"Ann Dorgan is a very experienced and intuitive executive leadership coach. When working with my team and me, I’ve always been impressed with her ability to identify the key goals and focus on the priorities that drive success.  She has a way of cutting through all the clutter and getting to the heart of the matter quickly."

Lisa Hufford - CEO
Simplicity Consulting, Inc. 

"Gumball’s executive coaching contributes to the highest level of my strategic thinking. Our work leads me to the big ‘aha’ learnings that will last a life time. My coach helps me connect the dots between seemingly disconnected data points, which in turn impact my business in a unique and big way."

Nancy Lovecchio - Head of Global Rewards
DH Corporation

“I think we’ll all look back at our time together as a watershed moment for our team. Appreciate all the work that went in to getting us there.”

Wayne Hickey - Executive Vice President
Edelman Public Relations

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