Make DEI Part of Your DNA ….seek, create & practice.


We integrate consulting, coaching and facilitation expertise into customized Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs for billion dollar global companies. Executives from the top are committed to changing their cultures while a DEI Council and local standing committees build and implement their DEI portfolio.

It’s necessary to change behavior if you want to change culture. Through our program leaders become competent in the skills on how to seek diversity, create equity and practice inclusion. Knowing HOW to DO these three things will eliminate the need to target and measure ‘classes of people’ and will enable leaders to shift mindsets, policies and practices.

Measuring Succes


Our programs are measurable and sustainable.

Measuring behavior used to be something complex. Now there are methods that allow us to assess behavioral change and impact. We do this at five levels:

a) participant satisfaction and reaction

b) knowledge learned

c) business application

d) impact on people/culture/brand

e) impact on time/quality/money