Necessary Conversations
for moving your business forward

Over 300 leaders have attended this communications workshop and their average satisfaction rating is a 4.35 out of 5.



Understand the power of language and the impact of biology as it relates to your choices to respond versus react in any given business situation.


You will be equipped with skills to proactively and constructively identify and conduct Necessary Conversations required in the workplace for moving your business forward faster. 


We will enable you to build stronger relationships through open, honest and candid communication at all 4 levels throughout your organization, with vendors, and with your clients.


You will shift your mindset from an inward, fear-based conversation between self and other, to an outwardly facing, business focused, mindset to move the business forward.


1 hour of knowledge to every 4 hours of practice.

  • 20-minutes of online pre-work

  • Facilitated interactive practicum

  • Post event online survey


Instead of avoiding and ignoring conversations with others, employees will feel confident and prepared to conduct the Necessary Conversations required for moving their business forward faster.

Individuals will be able to do this at 4 levels throughout the organization, with vendors, and with clients. 

As a company you will benefit from the improved relationships and interpersonal dynamics that in turn result in conducting business faster and more effectively.