Why we do it?
We do it for Freedom...

"Running a Business is Ultimately about Freedom."
- Verne Harnish, Author of Scaling Up 

We agree with Verne that running a business is ultimately about freedom.....and with freedom comes immense responsibility.  

We believe it's our responsibility as strategic advisers, coaches, and facilitators, to serve leaders so they may liberate themselves from the barriers that prevent them, and their organizations, from reaching their fullest potential.

We believe as practitioners we too are leaders, needing to constantly liberate ourselves through learning and personal development.

We also believe it’s our corporate responsibility to be active citizens. We express our citizenship by donating 5% of our net profit to Polaris Project, the organization in WA, DC who is committed to freeing slaves from modern day slavery. 

For a full report on the 25 typologies of Modern Day Slavery.  Click Here. 

For a full report on the 25 typologies of Modern Day Slavery. Click Here.