Our responsibility:
Do good, have fun, and prosper.

At Gumball we have values that mean a lot to us.  We believe it's possible to simultaneously do good, have fun, AND prosper.  When we put these values into action, our passion comes alive and as a result, people want to be a part of what we're doing.  That's culture.   

We also like keeping promises we make.  There are only a few promises so that we don't overshoot or disappoint.  Here they are: 

Provide you the highest quality leadership development experiences that are steeped in science, customized, and relevant.  In turn your unique problems are solved, inventions are built, and leaders are equipped.

Provide you the highest quality leadership development products that are designed to be on-demand and original.  

Assure lasting and sustainable change in your leaders and teams.

Deliver and measure real business outcomes that result in 5x to 7x return on your investment.